Thursday, 16 February 2012


When I first got word of this band I literally thought it was too good to be be true: Fil from Melbournes hc/pv/mosh hybrid RORT on vocals and Christoph from  INTERNAL ROT and an array of other super high ranking grind bands doing a grindcore and death metal amalgamation taking cues from repulsion, grave and pungent stench. I was lucky enough to get this tape mid Jan at a black goat warehouse show. After they had played I literally couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. As far as this tape go's, its a total gem. Its a real raw recording that suits a demo perfectly (if you want to hear GRAVE'S "hating life" stripped to its bones in a primitive feeding frenzy your in luck) but i'd be majorly keen to hear them with slightly bigger production on whatever that put out next. In saying that though after seeing them live, the sheer force of this band in its actual flesh form would be hard to properly be transfer to record... lets hope they find a way. GET THIS.

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