Tuesday, 5 April 2011

shackles/think twice split 2011

this is the shackles/think twice split released in jan 2011.
and here are the liner notes
Think twice,
Head in the clouds, there’s nothing you can see.
We’re under your nose, wrapping chains around your feet.

It’s a cold life, a life on repeat.
The sky is the only thing that changes when you’re living on the street.
There’s more to life then chilling in this box.
And it’s not smart for you and your big mouth to be chucking rocks.

We threw you a line but you would never fucking grab (it).
You would rather lay in the gutter, than come back.
This place is mad, so we will break free, and always look back on what could have been.

Head in the clouds, there’s nothing you can see.
We’re under your nose, wrapping chains around your feet.
I need to get out,
I’m loosing my mind.
I can’t survive,
It’s eating me alive.
I’m rotting out,
And I’m not fucking fine.
Been here to long,
And I’m still at the end of the line.

Full of gutter fucking scum,
Streets over flow with spew.
I’m not going to lie,
I used to love this place too.
Everyone here stands tall and shows no fear-
Fuck that shit,
I can see through.
There’s no happiness here.

Men are like wolves searching for meat.
Girls escape from there mums arms,
To sell it on the street.

For a little town that used to shine so bright,
We are the ones that set this place alight.........

They never saw you as I did,
They just saw you as fresh meat.
What the fuck did you expect,
Selling hearts out on the street.
Trying to hide your past,
These scars will all ways last.

You’re living the dream, being this fucking street queen.
I’ve seen you bleed.
I’ve heard you scream.

Still waiting to fall.
Still waiting to fall.
Still waiting to fall.

You’ve got what you wanted; they all know your name.
They spit in your face, but that comes with the fame.
You sold your soul, to the devil of the street.
But that won’t stop the weak
You have one thing that all these men seek.

And you think your still waiting to fall?

4.Can’t Escape:
It’s deep in my bones where it can’t be dislodged.
It’s in the food on the table that’s going wasted.
Guilt I can’t escape,
Guilt we can’t escape
5.You Go Nowhere And Make No Progress:
There’s No Point.
Whether I travel the world or rot where I stand,
It will make no difference when they cremate me.
There’s No Point.
All of life’s lessons are wasted in the grave,
Open minds (and) closed minds,
All will end the same.
Blocking the less fortunate’s path.
Cruelty for recreation.
You leave a bad taste (bad taste).
When someone tries you scorn their efforts.
When someone is kind you mock them for caring.
Snide remarks and a “hard” façade.
Covering up that your weak inside.
Staring down through your nostrils.
You’ve impaired your vision.
You leave a bad taste (bad taste).
Being the most responsible I can be-
Why would I want to make more of me?
I won’t wait, time is now-
Won’t procreate,
Won’t breed new life,
In a dying world.
These genes won’t pass on well,
Disease I will not spread.
Peace in knowing,
My seed shall die with me.
Peace in knowing.
Seed shall die with me.

Think twice are:
Jackson W-Bass,
Jack B-Guitar,
Inbred filth Sean-Drums,
Tracks 1-3 by think twice and Recorded in November 2010 at sound lounge and at the residence of Greg Thorn in Tweed Heads.

Shackles are:
Matt D-Guitar,
Yossi L-Bass and Voice,
Tracks 4-7 by shackles were recorded in December 2010.
Drums were done a sound lounge on the 9th and the rest recorded at the residence of Greg Thorn in Tweed Heads on the 18th.

All recording, engineering and mixing by Greg Thorn.

Cover art by Dan Pinter.

THANKS: word up, acid joys, crime scene, face hate, in hearts wake, milestones, short life, infected, spray, street youth, the dead ends, ghost town, all Byron bay and Gold Coast kids, Greg Thorn, Mark at print rescue, Johan, Oli Ayo, Hayden, Nuz, Stick and Jack, Harry Deacon, Greg at arrest, Samsal, Dan Pinter and everyone else.

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